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Frequently asked questions

Does the price cover any beverages?

Unfortunately, no.

Do I need to tip the chef?

Gratitues go directly to the chef and are greatly appreciated.

How long is the cooking show?

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

How do I set up my tables

1. Two 8' rectangular tables arranged in L shape, and can sit about 10 people
2. Three 6' rectangular arranged in U shape and, can sit between 12 and 15 people
3. Hey, you don't even need tables and chairs if you are fine with standing.

What should I prepare?

1. Eating Utensil
2. Plates and salad bowls
3. Beverages of choice
4. Tables and Chairs
5. A clear area for our grill: 68.3" L x 27.5" W x 41.3" H

Do you take credit cards?

Unfortunately, cash only at the moment

I have food allergens

Please leave us a note and also inform the chef.

Do you service slightly outside of Houston?

Travel more than 20 miles away from zip code 77042 will be charged $2/mile. This will help on our transportation cost.